Why messaging apps are the new marketing channel

by Business Insider

Business Insider reported that messaging apps are now bigger than social media networks. Today’s internet user is looking for a personalized experience, a conversation, keeping them away from the clutter of a social feed.

BI Intelligence

"Users around the world are logging in to messaging apps to not only chat with friends but also to connect with brands, browse merchandise, and watch content. What were once simple services for exchanging messages, pictures, videos, and GIFs have evolved into expansive ecosystems with their own developers, apps, and APIs."

Messaging Apps Have Surpassed Social Networks

About Chatbots

Think of a Chatbot as your digital employee. An employee that, once hired and trained, will only improve over time, working at a fraction of the previous time and cost.

Works everywhere

Regardless of device, conversations are automatically saved across multiple platforms based on the messenger app used.

Reliable & Available

24/7, 365 Availability – Bots don’t need holidays. Chatbots will consistently serve clients both in and outside of traditional office hours.

Easy Customizable

It is much simpler to teach a Chatbot new tricks than to modify a Website or App. Your clients will never need to download an update – the Bot upgrades itself in real-time.

Organic & Responsive

Chatbots respond immediately to the client's questions and will organically continue the conversation from where they left it, regardless of the device used.

Simple & Efficient

Chatbots are where simplicity and efficiency meet. Even a simple user interface with only one data entry field as well as a few other widgets can be enough to build even complex Chatbot Apps.


Due to its light weight, Chatbots can operate even on a very slow network. Designed to be efficient on mobile devices, Chatbots are just as good on computers and tablets.

More Chatbots Benefits

New generation Chatbots can expand horizons for both your business and your clients.

  • Fast to Market. It is not only quicker to create a chatbot than an app with a similar functionality, it is also usually less expensive. Save on both time and money while getting the job done.
  • Easy to Integrate. Chatbots can seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure. To access your inventory to sell, to collect information about your clients to your CRM, or Spreadsheet.
  • Easy to Reach Out. You can have a separate Chatbot session with every client who has communicated with your chatbot at least once. Better communication leads to better business.
  • Easy to Automate. Create an efficient sales tunnel, set it, and forget it. Automate what works best, and watch your business grow.
  • Multilingual. Supports multiple languages.
  • Scalable. Your Chatbot gives everyone an immediate response and a consistent experience that grows your funnel regardless of volume.
  • Efficient. Guaranteed delivery right to your client’s eyes.
  • Friendly. Messenger Chatbots know your new client’s name from the first touch of a button. Chatbots also know their emails and phone numbers, making contact detail collection easy.
  • Learning Capabilities. Chatbots are constantly learning. Simply chat with your Bot to make it smarter and more efficient.
  • Time Saving. Chatbots can automate up to 80% of your employees' daily routines.
  • It Will Not Cheat On You. They’re very loyal.
  • It Can Replicate Your Best Experience. Teach your Chatbot the best you know, and it will not only try to replicate your way, it will also try to help you to improve it.

Business Cases

If your case is not here it doesn't mean it cannot be done! Book a Free Consultation to learn more.

Real Estate & Finance

  • Lead generating tool
  • Home price evaluation
  • New listing alerts
  • Buyer pre-qualifications
  • Mortgage applications

Event Planning

  • User-friendly registrations
  • Provide information - agenda, speakers, location…
  • Driving directions, weather conditions
  • Process payments
  • Event reminders & follow-ups

Reservations & Services

  • Book services
  • Book allocations
  • Connect with your own calendar
  • Smart reminders
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurants & Bars

  • Browse the menu
  • Pre-order
  • Process payments
  • Book tables
  • Order take-out


  • Questionnaires with time limit
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Free-form questions
  • Competitive team games
  • Knowledge testing

Alerts & Notifications

  • New job alerts
  • Reminder alerts
  • Weather alerts
  • Service alerts
  • Deadline alerts

Conversational Channels

Multiple messengers supported. Let your client to choose his favorite message to speak to your business.

Facebook Messenger

The most popular messenger app in North America with over 1.3 Bil users Worldwide.

WhatsApp Messenger

The World's most popular messenger app with 2.0 Bil users Worldwide.

Viber Messenger

Another very popar messenger app with over 800 Mil users Worldwide.

Telegram Messenger

One of the newer but very popar messenger app with over 500 Mil users Worldwide.

SMS Based Messaging

You can say every cell phone has a text messaging plan, so it can be reached out using this channel.

Web Based Messaging

Web Based conversational apps can work on any platform with an Internet browser.