QR-Code Lead Magnets. Generate Buyer/Seller leads as you sell.
How the QR-Code Lead Magnets Work
How the QR-Code Lead Magnets Work
QR-Codes Can Turn Listings into Lead Magnets

Turn your listings into lead magnets.

Farm neighborhoods & apartment buildings while selling.

Use every opportunity to build-up your database.

  • Receive phone numbers for inquiries about your listing.
  • Reply back with home details directly to potential buyers.
  • Notify buyers about selling and sold prices, offers date, new offers, open houses and more
  • Start selling even before the home is listed for sale!
QR-Code at House For Sale Sign
QR-Code at House For Sale Sign.

Want to see it in action?

Take your cell phone, and scan this QR-Code now,
or Tap the QR-Code if you are seeing this on a mobile.

Want to have a similar code with your logo on your listings?

We can do that. Use it on your For Sale sign from the moment the sign is set up on the property, till you take it off.
Scan this QR-Code with your cell phone, or Tap the QR-Code if you are seeing this on a mobile.

Generate Leads on All Phases Of Your Listing

Nine Reasons To Use the QR-Codes With Your Listings.

Start generating leads the moment you put your For Sale sign on the property

"Coming Soon" Sign

Use a QR-Code on your sign to collect leads even before you have a property listed for sale. Collect information about potentially interested buyers. You can call them back later, when the property is ready for showings.

"For Sale" Sign

Use a QR-Code to automatically send listing details, price, photography, even a virtual tour. Reach out to people immediately to arrange showings.

"Sold" Sign, or "Sold Over Asking" Sign

Have a QR-Code under your "Sold Sign". People will scan it to see the selling price, especially neighbours thinking of selling. You will receive their contact details to call and offer your services.

Open Houses

Run your Open House with a QR-Code. Get people visiting your listing both in person and online. Follow up with potential clients to generate new leads.
Check with your local municipality the Open House rules.
For example:
City of Mississauga Regulations

Print/Mail Marketing

Still using flyers and door hangers, printing property feature sheets? Put your listing's QR-Code on there. Show your Virtual Tour. Offer to book a private showing. Offer to get people updated with the selling price, price change etc.

Digital Marketing

Advertise your listings online. QR-Codes can be scanned with cell phones, or tapped on mobile devices with the same results. QR-Codes can be published on websites, emailed, or sent in messengers. QR-Codes are simple images - images that can help you get your business running.

Buyers Engagement

Have a QR-Code at the property. Offer to scan it to follow the listing updates. Use this information to send your listing updates, including the registered offers, directly to the potential buyers to engage them.

Get More Buyers' Leads

Our QR-Code Listing Page can offer to receive similar homes for sale and comparable sold properties to its visitors. Once requested you get a lead. These people are your potential buyer and clients, and most of the time they have no realtor.

Get More Sellers' Leads

Our QR-Code Listing Page can offer Property Evaluation Services. Once requested, you get a lead. These people are your potential seller clients and most of the time they have no real estate agent.

Your QR-Code will serve you 24/7 consistantly providing the service that will be only two clicks away.

QR-Code Design Options

Find Your Own Style. Personalize Your QR-Code.

Choose your QR-Code design from one of the available options, or propose your own.
QR-Code Signs Design Examples
What is included:
  • 4 Signs Package: Coming Soon, For Sale, Sold, Sold Over Asking.
  • Layout design by chosen template
  • Printed on 4 mm coroplast - double-sided
  • Grommets top corners
  • Size Choice: 24x8 , 32x8
  • Production turnaround: 4-5 business days (check here)
How it works:
  1. Choose the template and place an order
  2. We will send you a design proposal for your sign as soon its ready
  3. Confirm the design or request changes
In order, you want a custom design for those signs - please check our design service packages HERE
QR-Code Signs Order Here

To Order your QR-Code Sign Set from our partner Click Here.

QR-Code Sign Ownership Options

Option 1. Have your own for only $65 for a fouir-rider set. Print once, use for any listing of yours.

Get it designed to match your branding. Printing price starts from $65.00 per 24x8 inch four signs set, 3-4 business-days delivery, and depends on the size and delivery time.

Option 2. Rent it from us and save on printing.

Want to give it a try and save on printing? Rent a sign from us for just a Dollar-A-Day. Three types are available: COMING SOON, FOR SALE, SOLD, and SOLD OVER ASKING

Local pick-up and drop-off in Missisauga. $50 deposit required.

Agents' Signs Design Options

Get your Coming Soon, For Sale and Sold signs ready.

One QR-Code fits it all. All listing stages, multiple listings. Print once. Use everywhere.
Coming Soon QR-Code Sign attachment example
For Sale QR-Code Sign attachment example
Sold QR-Code Sign attachment example
Coming Soon Agents' Sign example
For Sale Agents' Sign example
Sold Agents' Sign example

QR-Code Open Signs Examples

For Sale Agent's Sign Examples

Open House Sign Examples