Shop for QR-Code Lead Magnets. Generate Buyer/Seller leads as you sell.
QR-Codes Can Turn Listings into Lead Magnets

QR-Code Lead Magnets are Included in our Photography + Virtual Tour and Big Picture Packages.

Or, can be purchased separately.

  • Receive phone numbers for inquiries about your listing.
  • Reply back with home details directly to potential buyers.
  • Start selling even before the home is listed for sale!
QR-Code at House For Sale Sign
QR-Code at House For Sale Sign.

QR-Code Lead Magnets

Already included in our Photography + Virtual Tour and Big Picture Packages

Other options available
Big Picture Packages
Included In Price
Service Price From $351
Photography, Virtual Tour Packages
Add as an Add-On
Service Price From $108
Add Lead Magnet For $65
Lead Magnet Purchase Only
One Listing Service
Lead Magnet Purchase Price
Lead Magnet Subscription
12 months minimum
Up to 5 listings simultaneously
$45 per month
• Non-subscription packages: 3 months service included. Add $30 per month for every next month.

QR-Code Design Options

Find Your Own Style. Personalize Your QR-Code.

Choose your QR-Code design from one of the available options, or propose your own.
QR-Code Signs Design Examples
What is included:
  • 4 Signs Package: Coming Soon, For Sale, Sold, Sold Over Asking.
  • Layout design by chosen template
  • Printed on 4 mm coroplast - double-sided
  • Grommets top corners
  • Size Choice: 24x8 , 32x8
  • Production turnaround: 4-5 business days (check here)
How it works:
  1. Choose the template and place an order
  2. We will send you a design proposal for your sign as soon its ready
  3. Confirm the design or request changes
In order, you want a custom design for those signs - please check our design service packages HERE
QR-Code Signs Order Here

To Order your QR-Code Sign Set from our partner Click Here.

QR-Code Sign Ownership Options

Option 1. Have your own for only $65 for a fouir-rider set. Print once, use for any listing of yours.

Get it designed to match your branding. Printing price starts from $65.00 per 24x8 inch four signs set, 3-4 business-days delivery, and depends on the size and delivery time.

Option 2. Rent it from us and save on printing.

Want to give it a try and save on printing? Rent a sign from us for just a Dollar-A-Day. Three types are available: COMING SOON, FOR SALE, SOLD, and SOLD OVER ASKING

Local pick-up and drop-off in Missisauga. $50 deposit required.